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Is your life according to your taste? If not, why not? Who or what is keeping you from a life design that would meet your needs and desires? If your answer is: "Another person, my parents, my childhood, lack of money, etc." we should double check. Maybe there is, indeed, stuck energy that needs to be released in order to flow freely between a life sphere or person and yourself. Another possible root of the problem is self-sabotaging patterns that may urgently need to be broken. Routine-blinded as we sometimes are, we don't see how we sabotage ourselves at one point or another. All too often, the devil is in the details. It pays to take a closer look.

I gladly attend you on your journey of self-discovery. Together we shed light on life spheres that are not yet in line with yourself, get to the bottom of things and work out solutions. Curious? At what points does your life feel wrong? Intuitively you already know: Only a life that builds on your own creative powers can make you truly happy.


There is nothing more fulfilling than having access to your creative powers and start feeling 'at home' in your own life.


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