Business Yoga & Mindfulness

23 Dec 2017 Written by

Performance pressure in almost every business has never been this high.


23 Dec 2017 Written by

Is your life according to your taste? If not, why not? Who or what is keeping you from a life design that would meet

Yoga Prenatal

22 Dec 2017 Written by

How beautiful, you are expecting a baby! During the next months, a little person is going to grow in your tummy.

Yoga Coaching

22 Dec 2017 Written by

Treat yourself to a class of personalized yoga. Tailormade to your level and respecting your individual body condition.

Enjoy full attention in the special atmosphere

Fascia Flow® Yoga

22 Dec 2017 Written by

At last: Fascia Flow® Yoga is out now! This recent yoga style is the response to an excess supply of yoga on the market that pays little

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