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At last: Fascia Flow® Yoga is out now! This recent yoga style is the response to an excess supply of yoga on the market that pays little attention to the needs of each person's physical constitution and circumstance.

Fascia Flow Yoga

Fascia Flow® Yoga is the ideal type of yoga for everybody who wishes to have immediate results. It was developed by Maria Kafritsas as a response to the needs of our time, taking into account that the average western person mostly lacks one thing: time to do what the body needs to stay healthy and happy. The consequences are devastating: Degenerative processes of the musculoskeletal system, especially the back, knees and hips, are the norm at the age of 40 – as opposed to this, a healthy body sensation is the exception. It is here that Fascia Flow Yoga comes into place.

While traditional yoga starts rewarding the average person after several months of practice, Fascia Flow® Yogis and Yoginis experience a transformed body sensation right from the start. 

Fascia Flow® Yoga is suitable for everybody, no matter if you are a mostly seated pencil pusher, couch potato, sportsman (or woman), dancer or already active Yogi or Yogini – everybody equally gets to experience a true miracle. Highly efficient exercises allow individual limits of mobility to disappear in the very moment. Movements are infused with consciousness, harmony and ease.

Participants of Fascia Flow® Yoga often report that this experience of unity with the body and its intelligence feels like magic to them. The restrictions of mobility are not perceived as painful anymore (as is the case with traditional yoga). It is this quickly accomplished freedom of movement that raises questions like: “Does my self-image reflect reality?“, “Could it be that I am more flexible than I think?“, “How come I feel so balanced and energetic after a couple of exercises, though my life problems are still the same?“ It is miraculous how easily body and mind open up to transformative change, when only their internal mechanisms are bypassed.

The exercise principles are aligned with the latest results of fascia research through an ongoing commitment.  

Immediate results

After class participants comment:

  • “I feel as if I had a different body before and after class.”
  • "Suddenly I don't need any props to adopt the seated position”.
  • (While walking) “My arms and legs bounce as if they were gum”.
  • “I feel as if I were a head taller”.
  • “My back pain has disappeared.”
  • "I feel so wonderfully light”.

Maria Kafritsas about Fascia Flow® Yoga:

"I am deeply happy about having created a space where the individual finds peace, feels joy and learns to reconnect the body with its innate capacity of flexible, light and painless movement. The body is a vehicle and as such should be able to function smoothly! It is no accident that the word YOGA comes from Sanskrit "yui" which means "to harness". The mind shall be harnessed to the body like a horse is harnessed to a carriage, which means: the mind shall not be controlled by our physical sensitivities, but quite the contrary! At Fascia Flow® Yoga we respect the body's limits and lead it gently but definitely into cooperation with us. This is how Fascia Flow® Yoga becomes the connection between millennia-old tradition and modern science."

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