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Extract from the Yogasutra on meditation:

One-pointedness (i.e. focus on one specific subject of meditation) creates deep concentration of the mind.
When this mental exercise is unbroken, all thoughts and impressions begin to stream free of effort to this one point. This is called meditation.
Once the state of meditation changes into a deep unity with the subject, the thinking mind disappears. This is called realization (Samadhi).

These three stages of immersion are successive and together make the meditation exercise. By mastery of them comes wisdom.

Reaching a meditative state requires a little bit of practice. Our mind is used to babble incessantly and rarely tells us anything new. Through guided meditations you learn to immerse into your inner realm and experience its beneficial effects on your wellbeing. At the same time your ability to focus is trained helping you resist distractions and stick with what matters to you most - a valuable skill in our times of permanent sensory overload.

Studies have shown that regular meditation has positive effects on:

  • blood pressure
  • heart rate
  • ability to concentrate
  • vitality & zest for life
  • mood balance
  • stress reduction
  • and much more...

Get familiar with the meditation techniques that we teach and benefit from all positive effects of a regular meditation routine on your wellbeing.


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