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How beautiful, you are expecting a baby! During the next months, a little person is going to grow in your tummy.

You will surely be enjoying all kinds of wonderful feelings. Also, your body will be changing on a daily basis and this might generate not always comfortable body sensations. In some circumstances, mobility can decline, there can be unpleasant feelings of tension in the belly, shoulders and neck, the back may hurt, there may be digestive complaints and emotional imbalance.

Yoga increases your holistic wellbeing and helps you deal with the physical changes. It creates a sensation of "more space in the body" for yourself and your baby and reduces pressure on the inner organs. You will be able to relax deeper into the body and let go of tensions. At the same time your joints will be "oiled", the muscles strengthened and the connective tissue will keep its elasticity.

Proven benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Reduces physical complaints throughout pregnancy
  • Intensifies the bond between the future mother and her baby
  • Strengthens confidence in the own body as to impending birth
  • Helps preserve fitness of the future mother
  • Helps prevent mood swings

Discover the benefits of personalized Prenatal Yoga for you and your baby. Don't wait too long to arrange an appointment for your first class!

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